The best routes to walk with children

Wandelen met kinderen over het Kabouterpad

Done sitting inside? Take the kids outside. You can walk with kids in many places in Limburg without them getting bored! We have collected routes that are a fun experience for the kids. From games in the woods to magic with a wand. It's all possible. Read on and find out where you can have fun hiking with kids.

Gnome trail - Vredepeel

The peelkabouter challenges you! Walk the gnome trail and find the games in the forest. From jumping over beams and hopscotching over the hopscotch path to walking on a tree trunk. In addition to the games, you will encounter dozens of gnomes during your walk. Fun for a photo! You can choose between 2 routes. Red is large (3.7 km). Blue is easy (1.9). The gnome path can be walked throughout the year. 

Paaltjes kabouterpad Vredepeel

Dragon Walk - Beesel

Will you join Joris and Cathelijne on their walk? The dragon walk is suitable for the whole family. You will walk around the village of Beesel and discover the story of the dragon with fun assignments. For less than € 1, - you can order the Dragon Walk. Follow the path on the nicely illustrated folder and read the story. Play a game at the numbered locations and crack the code!

The total length of the route is 9 km, but you can also easily split it up by using the dotted line. Both parts are then about 5 km long.