The white town of Thorn

centre of the white town of Thorn

Thorn, the white pearl of Limburg

One of the pearls of Limburg is the white town of Thorn. Thorn owes its nickname 'the white town' to the characteristic white-painted facades of the historic buildings that adorn the town. This striking architecture contributes to Thorn's unique atmosphere and appearance. Thorn is also known for its monumental buildings, historic alleyways and authentic streets. Thorn's Abbey Church towers high above the white houses. Below you will discover all there is to see and do in the white town of Thorn.

The history of Thorn

Thorn is known for its white-painted houses and narrow streets. Thorn's history is rich and fascinating and spans a period of more than 1,000 years. Thorn used to be an independent little state where distinguished ladies, led by a royal abbess, ruled. The little state had its own jurisdiction and minted its own currency. But how did this period end and why are the houses in Thorn actually white?

A journey through time

Group of visitors get a guided tour of Thorn with the Abbey Church in the background

Nature reserves in Thorn

Thorn is located in the RivierPark Maasvallei nature reserve. A transnational area of 15,000 ha. Rivierpark Maasvallei stretches from Maastricht to Thorn, on both the Dutch and Belgian sides of the Meuse river. The area lends itself perfectly to hiking and cycling. Just outside Thorn is the Koningssteen nature reserve. One of the oldest nature development projects along the Grensmaas, which forms the natural border with Belgium here. In Koningssteen, Galloway cattle and Polish Konik Horses graze side by side. It is a wonderful place for hikers!
Photo: Erwin Christis

Mother Konik horse and foal stand in water at Koningssteen nature reserve

Hiking and cycling

An extensive network of both hiking and cycling nodes makes for excellent hiking and cycling in Thorn. Choose from routes we have put together for you or put together your own route based on the junctions. This is the best way to discover Thorn! For horse-riding enthusiasts, there is also a very beautiful riding route that takes you through the surroundings of Thorn. 

Cyclists in the centre of Thorn with an oldsmobile approaching

Food and drinks in Thorn

Exploring makes you hungry. And there is a lot to discover in Thorn. Fortunately, in and around the town centre there are various eating and drinking establishments where you can go for a bite to eat and a drink. Whether you are looking for a culinary experience, a snack to satisfy your hunger or a drink on the terrace, in Thorn you have come to the right place. Check out restaurants, lunchrooms and other places to go for a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner in the white town of Thorn.

Eateries in the white town

Couple enjoying a drink on a terrace in Thorn

Staying overnight in Thorn

There is so much to see and do in Thorn that a multi-day stay is certainly one of the possibilities. There are a number of cosy B&Bs, a few charming hotels and a holiday park where you can stay during your visit to Thorn. Click the button below to see where you can stay in the white town of Thorn.

See here where you can sleep

The door is open of the Hoffer homes where you can stay overnight during your visit to Thorn